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Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

How to improve your credit score
  • Check your credit file often to ensure that there is no unknow enquiry hits on your name
  • Pay your loans and credit cards on time, don’t miss debit orders
  • Don’t apply for credit from too many different lenders, each lender will leave a mark against your name aka -too credit active
  • Consolidate small loans into a single loan
  • Don’t take out a payday loan to pay a deposit on another loan, use savings if you can
  • Make use of a broker that will find you the best interest rates that you will be able to service
Are you a Work VISA holder looking to purchase a car?
  • If you are new to Australia most lenders would require a 10%-20% deposit
  • Most prime lenders will assist with finance if you are fulltime employed- contract to be provided
  • The loan term will run concurrently with your VISA term (copy of VISA will need to be provided)
  • Lenders will require you to have a fixed address example: rental agreement in place
  • Adding you partner or spouse to the loan agreement will improve your chances of getting approved 
What do I need to apply for a loan or finance?
  • Complete a loan / finance application form
  • Give your privacy consent to enable us to do a mark free credit check
  • Provide proof of income, payslips and most lenders will require bank statements
  • Provide us with proof of identity, in most cases a drivers licence and medicare card would be sufficient
  • Provide us with proof of address
  • In most cases the above would be sufficient but some lenders might request more information